you'll see me (sailing in antarctica)

By Non Zero One

Composition and Sound Design by James Bulley.

National Theatre, London, UK
(6 — 20 July 2012)

Commissioned by the National Theatre

"As night falls, 23 of us take our places around a table on the roof of the National Theatre. A large white helium balloon bobs above us, straining at its leash like an unruly moon. High above the city, we are investigating the nature of memory with the help of Non Zero One [..]
One of us is sent on a three-minute run. His journey is recorded and played back to us as he attempts to remember everything he saw. The gap between memory and video is significant. Some minutes after we have sat down, we are asked to recall the first thing we saw as we walked out on to the roof. I think it was the Shard, rising like a defiant finger into the sky. But was it? Maybe I saw something else entirely, and simply manufactured that memory?"
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian