Variable 4

(as Jones/Bulley, with Daniel Jones)

Dungeness, Kent
(22 — 23 May 2010)

Snape Maltings, Suffolk
(28 — 29 May 2011)

Elizabeth Castle, Jersey
(22 — 25 September 2011)

Portland Bill, Dorset
(5 — 14 September 2014)

Project Website

Variable 4 is an 8-speaker outdoor sound installation which translates weather conditions into musical patterns in real time. Using meteorological sensors connected to a custom software environment, the weather itself acts as conductor, navigating through a map of 24 specifically-written movements.

Every aspect of the piece, from broad harmonic progressions down to individual notes and timbres, is influenced by changes in the environment: wind speed, rainfall, solar radiation, humidity, tropospheric variance, temperature, and more.