Sound Art Exhibition and Events Programme

Curated by James Bulley and Kathrine Sandys.

St.James's Hatcham, London, UK
(20 — 27 September 2012).

Exhibition Documentation

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The SHO-ZYG exhibition took its name from an improvisatory instrument, the Shozyg, invented by Hugh Davies, founder of Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios. Davies took the name Shozyg from the final book of an encyclopaedia (from Shoal to Zygote), and it is this anthological notion that was portrayed within the exhibition. The exhibition sought to explore the rich tapestry of sound practice at Goldsmiths, both past and present, tracing lines through from the late 1950s to the present day. Selected works from over 50 artists were included, encompassing a broad range of practice: from acoustic ecology to generative musics, and from vocal utterance to audiovisual composition.

Exhibition co-curators;
Ryo Ikeshiro (Audiovisual & Film Programme)
Tom Mudd (Unmanned Disklavier Programme)
Fiorenzo Settimio Palermo (Hugh Davies Exhibition)
Tom Richards (Daphne Oram Exhibition)
Emmanuel Lorien Spinelli (8-Channel Room)

Print Design: 
Joe Hales